Self acceptance with Matilda

Our Embrace Collection is a luxury lounge/sport collection highlighting the importance of truly embracing yourself. Wether you are on the go or relaxing at home, this collection has been created to encourage you to boost yourself and to take time out for self love and self care. You are worthy, embrace your magic and be proud of who you are! 

We're so proud to have Matilda front this campaign with such an important message behind it. Matilda shares her journey to self acceptance, self love and inspires us to truly start embodying this into our own lives. 

"I didn't just wake up one day, and out of the blue appreciate myself. I would rather say, I one day, made myself a promise to be kinder to myself. I made a promise to speak to myself without hatred or negativity. I made myself a promise to commit to the journey of self acceptance. A promise that would become of the toughest, most honest, vulnerable and also rewarding decisions.

Shifting the focus from what my body looks like, to how I feel and how my body feels, has made a big difference for me. Really being aware of how I'm feeling, tuning into my emotions. And allowing myself to feel everything deeply.

Because that's me, and that's how I feel. My body is my home. It should be my safe space. And for so many years, it wasn't. Now I make sure to applaud my body, for the things, I before would take for granted. I applaud it for getting out of bed everyday, for allowing me to hug my family, for making it possible for me to take walks outside in nature, where I feel like I breathe easier.

My body doesn't only give me the possibility to run, walk, jump. Thanks to my body I get to embrace the people I love. I get to laugh until my stomach hurts. I get to wipe the tears away, when I feel like everything is a little too heavy. And I also get to wipe my tears away, when there's tears of joy, relief, or simply because life is a little too beautiful for me to sometimes comprehend.

My body is my home. And a home requires love, patience and care. So this is a note to myself and anyone else who may need it.

You're enough. You're alive.  You're needed. You're valuable. And I'm proud of you. Even when times are hard, you wake up. You breathe, you feel, you're alive. You're constantly changing, evolving, growing. Always moving forward. Even though it might not always feel like it. I'm proud of you for being you and for committing to yourself. You're in this relationship for life. And it's time to fully embrace yourself."