Sometimes, things don't turn out as desired.
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The customer is responsible for the return costs themselves.


Unfortunately we cannot offer a pre-printed return slip to all customers. Our exceptions include France, UK, Switzerland and other countries outside of the EU. The customer must pay for this return slip. You can read more about returns in our FAQ, To all other customer : Log in with your order number and the same e–mail address you entered in your order. Choose the product or products you want to return. NOTE: size exchanges are possible and free (returns cost EUR 7) Please register all products in the same process. A return slip is created in the last step and sent to your email. Print the slip, attach to your package and hand it in at a DHL Parcel station. If you want to make returns from several different orders, these must be registered separately and sent with their unique return slip. Send the return back within 30 days, with the tags still on the garments and in sellable, unused condition.
You can only choose a new size in our digital return form (If you want to change the product or color, you can instead make a return and then place a new order for what you want instead). When you have chosen a new size, you will receive a return slip to attach to the package. When we receive the package, a new order is automatically created and sent to you within a couple of days. NOTE: you do not need to place a new order. Don't forget to keep your original invoice when you make an exchange. You will not receive a new invoice from Klarna when we send a new size. You also keep the same price :) Be aware that a product may be sold out during the return/exchange process and then we must refund you instead.
Sorry to hear that the exchange did not fit as desired. When we have sent your new size, you have received a confirmation of the “new” order number. It is the same as the first/original number but with an addition of -01 at the end. Use the new order number to log in to the box below. EX: NL12345-01
We will handle your return within 14 working days. You will get a confirmation that the return has been handled via email. If you have paid by card, it can take a couple of banking days before you have the money in your account again. If you have paid with a gift card, the same gift card will primarily be refunded and can be used on a new order. Please note that we will not refund your original shipping on the order if you choose to return something.
We’re sorry to hear that you have received a defect item. Log in with your order number and e-mail in the box below. Choose Reclaim (at the bottom of the page) and choose the reclaim reason. Attach clear photos of the faulty items. Our Customer Happiness team will contact you within 48 hours to find a good solution together.